You can't beat Spanish Olives!

The combination of a long, temperate growing season, perfect soils and a rich heritage of growing expertise has led to Spain's reputation as the world's premier producer and exporter of quality olives and oils. Spain produces almost 30% of the world's olive oil and approximately half of the world's olive production.There are over 250 varieties of spanish olives, most of which are found in Andalusia.

Spanish Olives stuffed with Anchovies

When olives are stuffed with anchovies their fruity taste is perfectly complemented with the salty essence of the sea. Anchovy stuffed olives are an ideal spanish snack. Great as a tapa on its own, or tossed into a salad to add a mediterranean touch, spanish olives really are hard to resist.

Spanish Olives & Spanish Olive Oil Nutritional Information

Spanish olive oils contain no cholesterol. They are a great source of monounsaturated fat, iron, vitamin E, copper, as well as dietary fiber. Snacking on spanish olives rather than nuts or crisps is a great healthy alternative.

  • Manzanilla Olives
    Small “Martini” olives, grown throughout Spain. Regularly stuffed with anchovies.
  • Queen Olives
    Large fat olives from Seville perfect for stuffing with seafood or peppers.
  • Picual Olives
    Almost 50% of Spanish olives are Picual olives. Fresh, awakening taste. From Andalusia.
  • Hojiblanca Olives
    Intense flavor, recognisable by their white leaves.
  • Arbequina Olives
    From Aragon / Catalonia. Smokey and mild with fruity undertones.
  • Verdial Olives
    Dark olives from Jaen (Andalusia). Large with strong taste.
  • Picolimon Olives
    Great as a table olive with citrus undertones that balance salty snacks.
  • Picudo Olives
    Andalusian Olives with a pointed end. Sweet and juicy, great for the table.
manzanilla olive